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  1. Get the CV basics right Be sure to include personal and contact information, your education and any qualifications, work experience and relevant skills. Make sure the structure and layout allows for clear communication, and that you have proof-read for any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. It is a good idea to print out your CV and proof-read it in hard copy, this tends to highlight any mistakes with greater accuracy.

  2. Be concise i.e. brief, but comprehensive Be succinct and remain on topic, use key words and do not waffle. Always back up your claims with facts. Remember, at the initial application stage employers generally do not have enough time to read CVs cover to cover, so you will need to grab their attention quickly, with impact. Avoid any likelihood of the recipient needing to go digging for key information.

  3. Where possible take your cues from the Job Description Be sure to tailor your CV if this will heighten the strength of your application. Identify the key competencies detailed in the specification and address them systematically. If you believe you have transferable skills include these in your CV but ensure they are relevant. Be sensitive to the language and tone used in the advert/job description as this may give some indication of company culture.

  4. Skills and Interests Keep these relevant and clear. Whilst helping demonstrate personality and an interest in the world outside of work this section should be brief. Avoid superfluous detail.

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